What's the Next Step to StoryBrand Your Business?

Launch a StoryBrand Sales Funnel

How? Hire a StoryBrand Marketing Guide to create your small-business marketing plan.

When you use StoryBrand, Revenue Goes Up.

You read Building a StoryBrand and then wondered… what’s next? Just understanding the StoryBrand Framework doesn’t help your bottom line. It’s time to implement StoryBrand in your business.

Clarify Your Message

Take the online course or work with a StoryBrand Guide to create a clear marketing message.

Launch a Sales Funnel

Get landing pages, lead generators, and email sequences that turn strangers into paying customers.

Watch Sales Come In

When you clarify your message and launch an effective sales funnel, orders will skyrocket and your business will grow.

Watch the On-Demand Course To Help You Create a Clear Message that Works

Want to clarify your message and build a marketing plan that works? Learn the StoryBrand Framework at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office with the online StoryBrand Messaging Course.

What Does Working With a StoryBrand Certified Guide Look Like?

Working with a StoryBrandGuide is simple. Find and hire the right Guide for your business at MarketingMadeSimple.com.

Unlike other marketing solutions you’ve tried, StoryBrand Guides won’t waste your time or their own. They are obsessed with getting fast results for clients.

After you work with a StoryBrand Guide, your marketing will bring in leads and orders while you sleep.

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Hire a StoryBrand Guide
What Does a Clear and Compelling StoryBrand Sales Funnel Look like?
If you’ve read Donald Miller and Dr. J.J. Peterson’s bestselling book Marketing Made Simple, you got a great look at a StoryBrand Sales Funnel. Now it’s time to launch one for yourself. Here’s how they work:.

New Landing Page

Your landing page is the face of your business. State the problem you solve. Position your product as the solution. Get leads. Close sales.
Become a StoryBrand Guide
Hire a StoryBrand Guide

New Lead Generator

How are you going to get leads? You’re going to offer a new lead generator your target audience wants and will download.
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Hire a StoryBrand Guide

Nurture Email Campaign

Most of your future customers won’t place an order right away, so you need to keep in touch with them offering enticing, fun and exciting free value.
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Hire a StoryBrand Guide

Emails That Close
the Sale

Now that people trust you, it’s time to close the sale. When customers realize that your product can solve their problem, they can’t help but pull out their wallet and place an order.
Become a StoryBrand Guide
Hire a StoryBrand Guide

The StoryBrand Framework is Used by the World’s Top Brands Plus Over Ten-Thousand Small Businesses

Become a StoryBrand Certified Guide

Are you terrific at marketing but need a way to differentiate yourself in your market? Do you love the StoryBrand framework and want to be an exclusively licensed partner? Would you like to join a community of 600 other marketers obsessed with getting better and better results for their clients? Apply to become a StoryBrand Certified Guide today:

A Speaker Every Small Business Owner Will Love

Donald Miller is a favorite speaker at every event he headlines. He is the CEO of StoryBrand and Business Made Simple. He is the author of ten books including Building a StoryBrand, Marketing Made Simple and How to Grow Your Small Business. Collectively, his books have spent more than a year on the NYT Bestsellers list.

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