Equip your whole team to be the best marketers in the world

Stand out as a StoryBrand Certified Agency

You and your team deserve to feel confident and equipped to get results for your clients!

When your team lacks a unified process, it’s going to cost you.

Bottlenecks slow down your process and cost you time and money

Your creative teams all speak a different language

You feel burned out carrying the burden by yourself

You waste time training your team instead of focusing on growing your business

Your clients end up calling the shots in the creative process

You’re frustrated and spinning your wheels trying to grow your agency

Get your whole team on the same page and grow your agency by becoming a StoryBrand Certified Agency.

How to become a StoryBrand Certified Agency
1. Apply
Schedule a brief interview with a member of our team to see if becoming Certified is right for your agency.
2. Train your team
A world-class StoryBrand Facilitator will help align your team on the StoryBrand Framework.
3. Grow Your Agency
Empower your team with a proven framework and process so your agency stands out in the market

When you become a StoryBrand Certified Agency, you’ll get…

Training on the StoryBrand Framework for your entire team

An exclusive license for your team to use the StoryBrand framework with your clients

Ongoing virtual training to onboard any new team members

Access to a community of Certified Agencies excited about your success

Directory listing on MarketingMadeSimple.com so qualified clients can find you

Monthly Insider Access sessions with Donald Miller

Team access to StoryBrand content and resources to support your sales and marketing

A Business Made Simple subscription for every team member

Stop being the bottleneck for big projects and empower your whole team

After completing your StoryBrand Agency training, your team will…

Learn from a StoryBrand expert how to use the StoryBrand Framework to get better results for your clients.

Finally have common language and a streamlined process to use when working on projects across the team.

Grow your business because you’re able to move so much faster and more efficiently.

Before our training, I was the sole person beating the StoryBrand drum on our team. My teammates all had their own way of doing things and we were lacking a common language on how to approach client work together. The StoryBrand Agency Certification training finally gave us all of that and more. The unexpected bonus was how much clarity we got on how to position our own products and services. Our team finally has consensus and alignment. We had not previously been able to achieve this on our own and it was so worth the investment.

Kiersten Hill

Become One of the World’s Greatest Marketers

When it comes to running a full-suite marketing agency, we know that you want to be the best. No matter what level of marketing expertise each person on your team has, they need to be equipped to deliver the best results for your client with a proven framework. Otherwise, you are not getting the most out of your team and are creating bottlenecks with projects.

When your team is trained to use the StoryBrand 7-part framework, everyone will feel confident and equipped to move quickly and deliver results for your clients. We understand how frustrating it is to have all the right talent at the table, but struggle to get them on the same page.

Whether you are a marketing consultant looking to level up to an agency or wanting to take your current agency to the next level, the StoryBrand Agency Certification will get you where you want to go.

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StoryBrand is one of the most trusted names in marketing. Created by best-selling author Donald Miller, StoryBrand has helped thousands of business leaders clarify their message. And the results are incredible. Most businesses are doubling, tripling and even quadrupling their revenue while spending less, not more, on their marketing efforts.

Every day, hundreds of people discover the power of the StoryBrand Framework through the bestselling books Building a StoryBrand and Marketing Made Simple. After reading the books, they want to work with a trusted Agency who can implement these game-changing frameworks into their business. They want the confidence that your whole team can deliver.

StoryBrand certifies a select number of Agencies each year. A StoryBrand Certified Agency can consult with individual businesses to help them clarify their message and create a marketing strategy that works. StoryBrand supports these Agencies with an immersive training, exclusive license to use our framework, and ongoing support.

To become a StoryBrand Certified Agency:

1. Fill out our online application.
2. Have an interview with one of our team members.
3. Sign up for the training and grow your agency faster.

Without a team aligning framework, you’re just piecing together projects and slowing down the process. But your team is looking for more. They’re looking for a proven system they can trust to deliver results. Becoming a StoryBrand Certified Agency is your path to empowering your team so you can build the agency of your dreams.

Apply to become a StoryBrand Certified Agency today.

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