Where do I find my final details/ access information?

You will receive an email from ‘hello@storybrand.com’ on Friday with the subject line “Final Details for Donald Miller Teaches Productivity”. It will have all the final details you need (digital downloads and livestream link). If on Friday you do not see it after doing a search (check all of your folders including junk/spam) please email ‘hello@storybrand.com’ to provide an alternate email address. We will be happy to resend!

What timezone is the livestream happening in?

All times are CDT. To find out what this means for you, use this handy dandy time zone converter.

What internet speed is needed to watch the livestream without interruption?

If you have at least 5 mbps speed, you will be set! Ideally, it will be 15 mbps or higher but a minimum of 5 is needed.

Can my teammate and I join the livestream and coaching sessions from separate locations?

Each registration will result in *one* access so if you are able to safely gather in the same location- only one registration is needed. If you are in separate locations, please have a registration for each.

What if I am on the livestream page and it does not update at 10am CDT?

Please attempt accessing from a different browser (ie Chrome) then, if needed, refresh your browser. If you continue to have connection issues, please confirm you see the same issue while using a smart phone (with wifi disabled), which will rule out a wifi connection speed issue.

Will there be a replay available afterwards?

Yes! You will have access to a replay of the livestream for two full weeks afterwards. You will receive an email to the address you used for registration. That email will arrive within 48 hours of completion of the live event.

What is the schedule?

• How to experience a life of meaning

11AM – 12:30PM LIFE PLAN
• Casting a Long-Term Vision for Your Life.
• Determining Your Life Theme (Set your 10 year, 5 year, and 1 year plan)

12:30 – 1:30PM LUNCH BREAK

1:30 – 2:30PM GOAL SETTING
• Goal Setting Made Simple
• Projects Worksheet

• Projects and Task Lists
• How to Motivate Yourself (The Power of Dopamine Management)
• Blocking Your Time

• Mastering the Art of the Morning Ritual

What if I want to be VIP and receive the bonus content?

Please reach out directly to “hello@storybrand.com” to receive your custom upgrade link.

Do you recommend a browser?

You may use whichever you prefer! Chrome, Firefox, Safari… your pick!

Who do I contact if I am having technical issues not addressed here?

You can always reach us at “hello@storybrand.com” or 615.915.1541 (ext 1).