Mission Statement and Guiding Principles

A one-day, live workshop to help you create your mission statement and guiding principles

January 13, 2020
Nashville, TN
Use Hollywood Movie Principles to Create Your Mission Statement Because…

Most Mission Statements are Forgettable and Boring

Nobody remembers them

They're out of date

They aren't exciting

They're too vague

They confuse people

Your team doesn't buy in

When your mission statement fails, your mission fails, too. You know your team needs to understand why their work matters. You know that lack of direction is costing you money and impact. All you need is someone to show you HOW to create Guiding Principles that work. Good news: there’s a proven formula to engage and excite any audience, including your team. Hollywood has been using it for years.


At this workshop, you’ll learn how to apply that Hollywood formula to your mission statement so it can inspire you and your entire team. 

In one day, learn how to cast a vision that sticks

For your whole company

For any initiative

For each division

For yourself

For individual projects

For your family

Meet Your Teacher

Donald Miller
Don is a New York Times bestselling author and CEO of Business Made Simple and StoryBrand. He’s helped more than 10,000 businesses use the power of storytelling to grow their revenue and unify their teams.
Don't Spend Another Year in a Confusing Fog
1. Register for the Workshop
2. Create Your Guiding Principles
3. Live out a Mission That Matters

Master this framework, and you'll:

Recruit better talent

Leave confusion behind

Unite your team

Experience a deeper sense of meaning

Accomplish your mission

Grow your business

Feel inspired

Earn respect from customers

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*registration fee does not include hotel accommodations

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