Become a StoryBrand Private Workshop Facilitator

Get certified to sell and facilitate StoryBrand Private Workshops for your clients

A team can’t move forward with a marketing plan if they aren’t aligned around a clear message.

When a team isn’t aligned, they drag their feet and slow everything down. Why would they spend large amounts of money on marketing when they aren’t sure what they should say? 

At StoryBrand, we’ve facilitated hundreds of Private Workshops and witnessed the clarity and momentum it creates for every team. And that’s why we decided to give our Guides the opportunity to do the same.

Here’s how it works:
1. You’ll lead a team through a StoryBrand Private Workshop.
2. The team gets aligned around a clear message.
3. They move forward with your big marketing strategy.

Hear the power a StoryBrand Private Workshop brings to a team


“One of the ways my job has gotten easier since doing StoryBrand, is I now have a filter I run everything through to make sure I’m aligning with the goals of the company.”

-Joy, Radio Host at WayFM


“For the first time in 16 years, I saw us come together with our big picture and that’s been really critical.”

-BJ, Producer at WayFM


“I wish our facilitator could be at all of our important meetings.”

-Rebie, Producer at WayFM

Becoming a StoryBrand Facilitator will help you…

Create a new revenue stream

Unlock additional business opportunities with clients

Up your StoryBrand skillset

Stand out

If you’ve been in our Guide program for more than a year, you’re eligible to apply for this certification. If you’re not quite there yet, don’t worry! We plan to host one training per quarter in 2021 so when your first year renewal comes up, you can apply.

Application Reopens May 1st
Once you’re accepted into the program, you’ll be invited to join us at the next available training.

When is the next training date?

Facilitator Certification

July 28, 2021

Virtual Training
Application Reopens May 1st
*Currently, this certification is exclusively available to StoryBrand Certified Guides and spots are limited.

BMS Coaches will be able to apply for this certification once they have been a coach for more than a year.

Why let a group of stakeholders continue to drag their feet when you could get them aligned easily with a StoryBrand Private Workshop?

Just wait until you experience how fast they will agree to the marketing plan you create for their business. We can’t wait to see what opportunities this new certification will bring about for you next year!

Application timeline

May 1 – Application Reopens

June 1  – Last day to apply for the July Training

July 1 – Commitments must be signed

July 28 – StoryBrand Facilitator Certification Training

*We will be capping this program at 10% of our community in 2021, so spots are limited.


Are there any requirements?

You need to be a Guide for at least a year to be eligible for this certification. Guides trained in July 2020 or before can apply for the upcoming training in July.

What should I do if I want to start prepping my application?
  • Be prepared to answer the following question: How would the facilitator certification help you achieve your goals and better serve your current/future clients?
When is the next training I could attend if I'm accepted into the program?

July 28, 2021

What is the investment?

Your Guide Certification will renew at $5000 each year as normal. When you add the StoryBrand Workshop Facilitator certification the first year is $7500. It is only $5,000 each year ($417 billed monthly) after that!

Who is a great fit for this program?

You’re a great fit if you…

  • are an exceptional facilitator.
  • are a skilled sales person.
  • serve large clients.
  • want to include workshops in your business strategy.
  • have time to do workshops.
I have more questions. Who should I talk to?

We understand that you might have a few specific questions about how this certification fits in your business.

Click here to connect with a StoryBrand/Business Made Simple rep.