Tuesday, September 22nd - 10am & 2pm CDT

5 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

On this free, live webinar, Donald Miller gives you a 5-step plan to
have the confidence you need to deliver a speech people remember.
It's not enough to just feel calm -- you have to have a plan.
This is your plan.

If you hate the thought of public speaking ...

You’re not alone. There are countless tips and tricks to take the edge off of public speaking (like picturing your audience in their underwear), but most of them fall flat.

What you really need is a proven framework to help you deliver a killer speech every time. And that’s exactly what we’re sharing on this week’s webinar.

When you use these strategies, you’ll overcome your fear of public speaking once and for all. Registration is completely free, but you have to reserve your spot to attend!